Monday, July 13, 2009

Saturday July 11 and Sunday July 12,2009!

Saturday was totally hectic! Okay, so my mom and little sister were suppose to be home from Wisconsin at four. So me and my dad got up and he had to go on a couple of jobs, so I went with him to kill time! On his third job around like 11 or so, my mom called him and told him that they couldn't get on that plane cause it was full, so she tried the next one, nope not that one either, then the next one, still none. She was all sad and worried cause she wanted to get home and they had sent their luggage on the first plane that they were suppose to take. So when we got home, me and my dad had to look for a flight, That was crazy, let me tell you, i swear my dad talked to every person that worked in the airport to get them a plane home. So we had to end up getting them whole new tickets. Now on this flight they wouldn't be home till 11 p.m. but no one cared, they wanted home! So me and my dad had to go to the airport at 4 to get their luggage. Man that was crazy. We couldn't find a place to park cause out truck is lifted and it was too tall. So we drove around and around for at least 30 minutes. Then he decided to just let me go in and get them. So i did and then we went home and then we went to my neighbor house so they could watch the fight on PPV. So they watched that while me and my friend Shandi swam. Then around 9:30, we went home and picked up the house for them. We got there around 10:30! Their plane came in at like 11 which was a little early! Well that was the end of that night. I went to bed around 2 a.m. cause they were showing us their stuff they bought and stuff.

Well, the next morning, i was TOTALLY tired, I had to get up at 9 because i was going to the mall with my neighbor Marcie and Shandi and my little sister Bailee. We were suppose to leave at 10:30, but Marcie didn't feel like getting ready, so we didn't leave for another hour! It was fun. We walked around the mall till 1:30 and then we met up with my older sister Brittany, and Melinda! So there we were 6 of us all getting out toes done! It was totally fun! I usually get the regular french tip, but this time i got Zebra!<3:)>

OH OH OH OH OH OH!!! This morning when Marcie got home from work, she told us that she has to go to the hospital tomorrow (or this morning) at 8:00 a.m.:) She is gonna have little Ryan today!! I cant wait!<3:)>