Tuesday, June 30, 2009

9Th Grade Goals!

I have decided to make a list of my goals for 9Th grade! Here they are:

1)Smile everyday, even if it is a bad day.
2)Don't be overly sensitive.
3)Have a higher self-esteem.
4)Don't look back on the past.
5)Go to church once a month with Ana.
6)Stay positive.
7)Don't talk badly about other people.
8)Don't judge people before I get to know them.
9)Become friends with someone I don't like.
10)Learn a new talent.
11)Don't talk back to teachers.

Those are my goals for this year. I am going to try my hardest to accomplish them!

Monday, June 29, 2009

My day Today!

So, today should be fun! I am getting ready to go shopping with my aunt at the mall then probably to lunch! After that i am probably going to go to one of my best friends house. Ana. I can't wait! We haven't seen eachother all summer, we talk all the time, but i havent hung out with her! I miss her! Haha! Well, I hope it goes well i will most likely write about how it went!! Gotta get ready! Peace!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Why Now?

Do you ever have a feeling that you finally have a hold on things, but it seemed to slip right from under you? Yeah. That's exactly me right this minute. It doesn't make any sense to me. I know I'm a teenager, but life can be very difficult to deal with. I have had the summer to take control of things, but I don't think it's permanent. People are growing up so much faster. It's is hard for me and friends. Your friends grow up fast right in front of you, but you don't know what to do. I'm not saying growing up and acting mature is a bad thing, but why? Yes i know 9Th grade isn't 1st grade anymore. But it seems like as the years past "fun" isn't fun anymore. You can no longer sit with a group of friends and laugh about a dumb joke. It has to be about drama and the girl next to you. I don't know. I have changed a lot over this summer and the end of 8Th grade. i don't find it entertaining anymore. The Older i am getting the more responsibilities i am getting and it makes me feel more free, but as i am getting older, people get more mean, judgemental, and just rude. I don't know i guess it is just life, but isn't life suppose to be fun? I just hope people will except who i am becoming. I have sat back and looked at the big picture and i hated who i was, I love who i am now, but honestly with the people in this world, i don't think it will last.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Everything!!! Lol

I'm really bored. I want school to start NOW! I mean I love summer, tanning, vacations, and going places everyday, But I miss homework, haha sounds crazy, i know! But its true! I cant wait till tomorrow! Stretched Hummer ride with friends, all thanks to Hannah Underwood!! I cant believe she got it out of 400 people!!!! Im not sure what we're doing yet, but i know its going to be fun! Today I went to Santan Mall and bought two CUTE purses. !Awhh I love them! One is zebra, my favorite from Anchor Blue And o bought a pink one from Aeropostale! I love those stores. Haha seems like i love everything!!! Well, gonna go to bed since i have to be up and ready by 11:30! Night everyone!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My best friend, my B.F.F.L.H.O.H, my hero.

If she ever said goodbye,
I would die.
She is my hero.
She may not know it, but she is.
She is the only one who truly understands me.
I can never put on a fake smile around her,
She's too good.
She doesn't stop me from doing things,
She lets me try them and makes me realize it isn't good.
I trust her with my life.
No questions about it.
We don't agree on everything,
Actually, hardly anything.
But i think that's why we are still best friends.
No one can break us apart,
They have tried,
But they DID NOT succeed!
Because she is my: Best friend, my B.F.F.L.H.O.H, and my hero,
I would do anything for us to be friends forever.
Don't believe me, try me!
I love you Tayler Anne Zuffranieri!<3

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Friday June 12- Monday June 15!

So, this weekend was pretty..uhm...entertaining i should say. Well, on Friday, I went to the mall with my sister Ashley. That was pretty fun, although she had the hardest time picking out her very first pair of skinny jeans! Haha that was fun! Oh and i got a pair of neon yellow sandals from Wet Seal! I love them! Then right when i got home, i went to Wal*Mart with my neighbor to her a birthday present for my little sisters birthday, and she got stuff for her baby shower the very next day! After that, we went to Babies-R-Us to get a dresser for the nursery room! When i got home i made salsa with her and we watched The Young and the Restless that we missed that day!
The next day was finally Saturday! I was looking forward to her baby shower forever! I love them. They're so much fun! It started at 10 am, i know it is way too early for a baby shower, but she didn't plan it so oh well! That was fun! We played lots of games and ate lots of food!
After her baby shower, i went to Tayler's birthday party. It was fun, we pretty much swam and talked! Besides Heather prank calling people, that was funny! Man i love Heather she makes things 500 times more fun! Only 6 people ended up showing up, which i was disappointed about but oh well it was fun anyways.
Sunday when i got home, i pretty much got ready for my little sister's birthday party! She turned 9!! It was kind of awkward cause i haven't seen my aunt cousin grandma and grandpa in like 2 months. We didn't really talk, i pretty much did my own thing with my neighbor Marcie and my older sisters!
Ok so today was okay to start off with, I took my little sister swimming. I didn't feel like going in, I'm pretty much swam out! hahah! And then i sat home for a while and then me and tayler went and got our nails done. I got barbie pink tips! I like them! Then when i got home i played a Hannah Montana game Bailee got for her birthday. It's now 2:41 a.m. and i;m not very tired but i am tired of typing. So yeah that was my weekend!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

9th Grade...

I totally was not looking forward to my Freshman year at the end of 8Th grade. But now in June, I am! I wasn't looking forward to next year for a few reasons: 1- i didn't make the Precision Dance Company 2- i signed up to be a student aide for a teacher for ALL year and i wasn't looking forward to that for certain reasons and three, it was another year in dumb Junior High, and more EXTREME drama:/ Which i absolutely hated.
Now, I am
totally looking forward to it! I have realized that even though i didn't make the dance team, i shouldn't give up, this should make me work even harder to my dream, which i am going to do! And my elective i didn't want, i don't even know why i didn't want it. I have a whole hour to just relax and talk to my favorite teacher in the world! And yeah there is going to be drama, but learning from last year, i have to just bite my tongue and walk along. Last year, i stopped at every turn that leaded to drama. This year, I'm going to walk right past it and smile, like i never knew it was a possibility for me! There are going to be a lot more opportunities for me in my Freshman year! I am going to be in J.R.O.T.C! I cant wait. Training for the military is my dream! Marines Baby!!. There are going to be new faces. Like a new principal, which I'm kind of sad about but i love change. And there is going to be a new dance teacher, I am totally sad about that, but I'm glad i am going to be able to be her student in high school! And I'm excited about it at the same time because like i said i love change ad i want to know what else there is out there. New rules, higher expectations, and new goals for dance! I cant wait till next year now! I have decided to put school work before friends. I mean i always have, cause i get all A's and B's but this year, I'm am going to exceed! I have made everyone else proud the last few years and this year, i wanna make myself proud! That's all!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Bored!! i have nothing to do,i'm sitting on my bed texting a friend talking about pretty much everything haha pretty fun! And its like 12:20 in the morning. Oh well its summer! i have all the time to sleep! Hmmm what am i doing this week. Oh yeah! Saturday, im going to a Baby Shower for my neighbor! Can't wait til he is born! He is gonna be like the little brother i never had! And then like right after that, i am going to my bestfriends 14th birthday party! Woot Woot! That is going to be a lot of fun! I have a lot of things planned! I can't wait! I hope there are no party poopers, ugh i hate those kind of people they make me mad haha! Well, i guess thats all for this one! <3>

Saturday, June 6, 2009!

OK so i just spent 6 days in California for my yearly family vacation to Disneyland! Ha ha sounds totally fun right? Well it was, only because it was 6 days unlike last summer when i spent 18 straight days there...wait no i went to Sea World for one day, sorry! Ha! No, it was fun i had tons of fun. I shopped most of my time there. And my sister and her friend even drove up there for a weekend! That was a blast! I bet people wish they could go there for 18 days and i would too if i didn't go there three to four times a year ever since i was one! I have never been anywhere else really except Wisconsin to see my family and Minnesota, well just because that's where the airport was, ha if that counts! I love to travel and i hope my family will do much more of that soon! O wait, i might go to six flags this summer with my dad and two older sisters! I can't wait!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hmmm...this summer

Okay so I have two whole weeks to myself because my mom and sister are leaving state to visit relatives. (Well, I wont totally be left alone. I mean my dad is going to be here but he goes to work everyday. So I have about two weeks to jump around to different friend's or family's houses!!! I'm not sure what I want to do. I'm not sure if I want to stay at one persons house for the whole time or if I should go to different people's houses?!?!?! Not sure. If I were to stay at one person's house it would be my neighbor Marcie, but if I were to move around, I probably would go to Ana's Caitlyn's Heather's Hannah's My grandma's my aunt's Tayler's and stay home some time!!! Man life can suck Bahahahah!!!! Jk, It should be a lot of fun though!!

Heather Nicole Strzalka: This is for you:)

So funny, gorgeous, and caring!
She loves her to death!
She has stopped her from bad choices!
and watched her transform!
She makes her laugh, smile, and cry tears of joy!
Heather Nicole Strzalka, I love you to death!
Don't go anywhere!

Ana Morris: This is for you:)

A hero.
A friend.
An UN-biological sister.
Words of wisdom.
Memories to last forever.
Makes me smile.
A room to light up.
Makes me laugh when i don't even want to smile.
Tears of joy behind,
Tears of pain.
I love her to death.
This "her" is named:
Ana Raquel Morris

One of My favorite Poems By: Me!

He was everything.
He was her everything.
His smile.
His words.
His touch.
She could talk to him anywhere anytime
about anything.
She could never be down around him.
It was...
He had her heart.
And she has his.
She trusted him with it too.
She never knew this would come.
She wanted to be with him forever
But forever is not a possibility anymore.
He took her heart any destroyed it.
She fell and now she can't get up.
Please come back she begs.
I Love You

My WHYS and HOWS?!?!

There are so many questions I have always wanted to know or the "why is this this way" sort of thing. So. here are some!

1. Why do people smile then they are about to cry?

2. How do people say they know how the other person is feeling through their eyes?

3. Why do people bring up situations to other people that they know are sensitive to them?

4. How is it called peer pressure when the person says yes?

5. Why do people say their your best friend when they get mad at you so easily?

6. How come parents are so naive when they were worse?

7. Why do people say they have your back when they don't even have theirs?

8. How can people hide their emotions?

9. Why are teens so controlled?

10. How can people say they have more than one best friend when best means the best?