Friday, July 24, 2009


Okay, here i go, this is going to be a long one, but I'm gonna do it!
Tayler Anne Zuffranieri. My best friend, no scratch that. My un-biological sister. Your not my best friend anymore, you are my un-biological sister. We are so close. Closer that i have ever. will ever be with. Laughs, crys, yelling, pain, happiness, sorrow, heart breaks, every emotion you can think of, we have been through it together. I love you to death and you know that! I will never forget your babbling! Just because you didn't want me to take a simple walk! My parents wouldn't even say anything like that lol! For a while i didn't think you really cared, but i really see it now. You really care about me. And not that many people actually, really, truly care about me. Not like you do. I feel more like home, at your house! I cannot wait till i turn 18! I'm movin in! I think its funny i asked for your room and you planned on us sharing the master! I feel special lol. I know i do things that aren't right for me, and you tell me, but i haven't seen it yet. I will don't worry. And i am so glad that you haven't given up on me. You have given up on Janae and you still havent given up on me. You and her have been friends since you were born and i feel really lucky to know you are here for me. And you know I'm here for you. We have so many memories together. Ahaha you are officially my scary movie buddy! You are the only one i can watch a scary movie with! AAAAHHH CHARLIE!! Haha good times. I love knowing that if we know we are going to get into trouble, we are going in together, whether any of us had to do with it. I love sitting in our room and telling you about my future! And what i wanna do with it! I think you are the only one scared that I'm going into the military, everyone says, it would be good for me, but not you, you actually care if something happens to me. And i love that. I think its funny how at school if we aren't with each other at the time everyone is like "are you guys fighting?" And stuff like that just because i might be doing something else right then. Its funny. Just like Cook, when he was joking and was like, whens the wedding lol. I made those invitations. Hahaha i love it! Man we will NEVER forget Halloween of 2008!!! Best day ever haha. We even been through taking care of Hannah. Never again. But it was fun! I cannot wait for the upcoming years! Prom, (just for you), graduating, graduation road trip!!! Ugh, i cant wait for it to come and for it to be with you. Well, you are my mom (since you said!), best friend, my BFFLHOH, and my un-biological sister! I love you to death and don't you go anywhere! I love you!<3:)