Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Boring day!

Well, i thought today as gonna be the best day. I was gonna get up, do my warm up, wash my face, read my book and have the rest of the to myself. But no. I was all good until around like three today! My dad called me and wanted to bring me food! I was okay with that and then i thought i was gonna have the rest of the day to myself. It was okay! I mean i didn't care if my dad was gonna be here but then he wanted to do something today i really didn't want to do anything cause i wanted to sit at home and clean my room. I mean i love spending time with him but i didn't wanna go anywhere! So, he suggested the mall and i didn't wanna go just by ourselves so i begged him to let Tayler so she could help me pick out jeans, But that took like 30 whole minutes of begging and begging lol. And then finally i used him not taking me to Disneyland this week against him and he felt bad so he let her go! And now she is gonna spend the night. Hopefully we do something fun, but who knows with that party pooper!! lol:)