Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Friday June 12- Monday June 15!

So, this weekend was pretty..uhm...entertaining i should say. Well, on Friday, I went to the mall with my sister Ashley. That was pretty fun, although she had the hardest time picking out her very first pair of skinny jeans! Haha that was fun! Oh and i got a pair of neon yellow sandals from Wet Seal! I love them! Then right when i got home, i went to Wal*Mart with my neighbor to her a birthday present for my little sisters birthday, and she got stuff for her baby shower the very next day! After that, we went to Babies-R-Us to get a dresser for the nursery room! When i got home i made salsa with her and we watched The Young and the Restless that we missed that day!
The next day was finally Saturday! I was looking forward to her baby shower forever! I love them. They're so much fun! It started at 10 am, i know it is way too early for a baby shower, but she didn't plan it so oh well! That was fun! We played lots of games and ate lots of food!
After her baby shower, i went to Tayler's birthday party. It was fun, we pretty much swam and talked! Besides Heather prank calling people, that was funny! Man i love Heather she makes things 500 times more fun! Only 6 people ended up showing up, which i was disappointed about but oh well it was fun anyways.
Sunday when i got home, i pretty much got ready for my little sister's birthday party! She turned 9!! It was kind of awkward cause i haven't seen my aunt cousin grandma and grandpa in like 2 months. We didn't really talk, i pretty much did my own thing with my neighbor Marcie and my older sisters!
Ok so today was okay to start off with, I took my little sister swimming. I didn't feel like going in, I'm pretty much swam out! hahah! And then i sat home for a while and then me and tayler went and got our nails done. I got barbie pink tips! I like them! Then when i got home i played a Hannah Montana game Bailee got for her birthday. It's now 2:41 a.m. and i;m not very tired but i am tired of typing. So yeah that was my weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

haha been very busy =]